Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I need to join an association for nonprofit board directors? I'm happy with the board(s) I'm on.
Hey, maybe you're board is doing great and maybe you're getting what you need out of the experience. But are you getting everything you possibly can from your volunteer leadership commitments? Maybe you are but how would you really know?

Thousands of other people like yourself volunteer their time to board service. They've found solutions to challenges you and your board are likely facing alone without ever knowing what might have worked or not worked in nonprofits you would never otherwise encounter within the niche your organization covers.

We've found a solution to this challenge. We're the Society for NonProfit Board Directors and we're a network and an alliance of other dedicated board members who meet virtually (and soon in person) to share stories and improve our mutual board experience.
So just what do I get for membership?
Full membership is just the starting point but you still benefit from some great resources and you'll be invited to monthly online networking events with other nonprofit board directors like yourself. As a full member, you can expect:

- Invitations to live monthly online networking events
- Pdf copies of the "20 point summary of the Will to Govern Well" and "35 questions to Facilitating Change as a Board Directors
- Multiples of articles on public relations and government relations for nonprofits
- Prerecorded webinars on nonprofit government relations and public relations

Once we launch, this will be the most unique community of its kind. It will be the place where you can meet other board directors, network and share experiences. Just think of it:

For a tenth of the cost your Executive Director probably pays once or twice every few years to have a pricy consultant come in and train your board on governance that ends up being forgotten down the road anyways, your network through the Society gives you the board information when and how you need it: from your peers!
So, who's behind the Society?
The Society of NonProfit Board Directors is the brainchild of Mark Buzan of Our Executive Director supported by nonprofit board directors from all over the world. Our Executive Director is the Society's association management company acting as the incubator for the association while the Society gets on its feet and our goal in the next year is to set the association on track for full nonprofit status.

For more clarity on our progress, please reach out to
I'm busy enough as it is! Do I really have time to get involved in another association?
Look...we get it! You're a busy professional and volunteer leader but involvement is really what you make of it.

Just comfortable with membership for the moment? Not a problem! Consider your membership as a resource to make you a better board director - that's it! There's no obligation to sit on another board - or volunteer anything more than what you are comfortable with, even if that means sitting back just as a member for now.

Of course, later, if you wish we'll be here offering opportunities to enrich your experience as a member in a variety of different ways.
Aren't there already associations for this?
Actually, no! At least not in the form we're creating.

There are associations for those who serve on corporate boards, for those who are the executive staff of nonprofits and others who are a hybrid between the two or offer information. 

Our network is strictly for people like yourself who volunteer their time and leadership skills on nonprofit and association boards. No other network out there connects you specifically with people like yourself from who you can learn and grow personally, enriching your board experience.
So how much is membership?
There are two levels of membership:

Basic membership (Free when you agree to give your name and/or email in for our mailing list or on filling in the first step of our order form): With this level of membership, you're on our mailing list, made aware of our coming events and given a preferential rate on our various events. There's also the option of trying out the first month of full membership as a trial.

Individual professional membership ($99/yr): With this membership, you get unfettered access to our online community, free access to a multitude of online resources, your invites to participate in networking events is free, and you get a preferential rate to our eventual conference.

We also have a group membership for the whole of your board offering significant savings over a group of individual memberships. At $495/yr, your entire board can benefit from significant savings over multiple individual memberships.
Is this a business or actually a nonprofit?
Right now, we're are a network of nonprofit board directors from all over the world. As we build, our goal will be to file for official nonprofit status as an association. Joining today makes you a member of the inner circle and gives you a chance to set the direction of this new and innovative project.
Haven't answered your question or you're still not convinced? Ask us, challenge us...bring it on! Send us an email at We're happy to dialogue! But above all, sign up at least as a basic's free and you have nothing to lose.