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Imagine an association for nonprofit board directors connecting people passionate about board service, sharing stories, networking, and even recruit competent people to your board. Its a place where you can learn about governance, get tips on dealing with challenges your board faces, and even more practical concepts like growing or staffing your organization.

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"There are some great organizations out there for governance advice but until the Society of NonProfit Board Directors came about, there was nothing specifically for where Board Directors of nonprofits could meet and get a better understanding of what other board members have found works."

Wade Baldwin, CFP, ICD.D 
Chair, Advocis-The Financial Advisors Association of Canada

"Nothing out there exists quite like the Society of NonProfit Board Directors. Other organizations can claim to help board directors but none have a membership exclusively for nonprofit boards. As a board member for 3 different associations close to the industry I'm involved, I value making connections across other nonprofits I wouldn't otherwise meet."

Peter Love, ICD.D
Chair of the Board, Royal Canadian Institute for Science Founding Board member, Rethink Sustainability Initiatives Founding Board Member, Energy Efficiency Alberta

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Joining is a two step process
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Joining means
  • Having a central place for everything you want to know about serving on a board - no need to go to multiple sources
  •  You'll have the resources to be focused on the passion that drove you to volunteer in the first place
  • No more isolation and silos! Connecting with other board directors, you can learn from others what's worked in getting their organization through the challenges you are facing
This is for you if
  • You're passionate about board service, looking to network, and even recruit really competent people to your board
  • You want to learn about governance, get tips on dealing with under-performing board colleagues, and even more practical concepts like growing or staffing your organization
  •  Hey, what have you got to lose?? Basic membership is FREE!
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